Set up of PS3 to LED tv with HDMI cable

please can anyone help!

recently bought Samsung LED tv, connected freeview PVR and Panasonic surround sound DVD, two problems, first there is a sound delay when watching tv (slightly irritating when watching someone speaking) and secondly we are unable to connect PS3 with HDMI cable. Unfortunately there is only HDMI, no rgb connection

many thanks if you are able to help
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  1. If the vendor does not supply a solution, return the TV for one that works with your system. There is no sense in keeping it if you are having all the problems.
  2. run the auto-setup for the surround sound system. it should have came with a test microphone for this. once this setup is complete you shouldnt have any delays.

    in order to use a ps3 with a lcd television it must be HDCP compliant. check this. next make sure you are on the correct hdmi input and the tv is set to channel 4. checking cable connections wouldnt hurt either.

    note: if your surround system box acts like an A/V unit wouldnt the PS3 cable to that box instead of directly to the tv so that you get surround sound on the ps3? in which case usually you have to swap inputs on the a/v unit and not the tv.
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