Question bout CPU problem.

If your Processor was chiped or broken would the computer just not do anything when you pushed the power button or would it all turn on for like half a second then shut everything down?
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  1. If your CPU is damaged it ain't gonna boot. Worst case, if it's shorted it may damage the power supply or motherboard.

    You may get a split second of the fans spinning or a flash from your monitor, but that's most likely caused by the power supply switching on and then back off.

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  2. well see my problem is I just built my computer and all I have hooked up is my Power Supply, CPU fan, Moboard, CPU, and a stick of 512 memory. and when I push the power button everything turns on for like half a second then all turns off and the ABR Buzzer goes off on my motherboard.
  3. You should also hook up a video card and keyboard. These things are tested during POST...

    So... is your CPU damaged?
    If so, you're going to have to get a new one.

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  4. you think it could be anything else, I mean lot of peeps saying its like something to do with my CPU fan but how can it tell it is not gana be cooled in half a second?? Is there any other things that can be wrong other than processor. (cost alot of money 2400+ AMD XP)

    I"m about to order a new Power Supply (the one that came with it was a off brand 400w, not supported by AMD) could that be it? and I"M getting a new CPU fan.
  5. you may need to reseat the heatsink of the auto-shut off function is turning on


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  6. I mean I don't even think this thing is getting time to go to bios...I turn it on and turns on for LITERALY half a second all the fans spin and stuff for HALF A SECOND then all shuts down and the ABR whistles till I turn off power to the power supply. and what does that mean LtBlue?? little more details I am new to building a computer.
  7. Uh, you answered your question in your first post. Unless you CPU isn't chipped, your problem is the chipped CPU. I did that once with a Duron 1000. Take a look at your chip for ANY damage to the die or anything else. If you see damage, that is your problem.

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  8. if your cpu is dead give it to me... i'll buy it from you

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  9. Hi Drolith,
    You want my best suggestion... Take your machine to someone who has more experience and ask for their help. It's almost impossible to diagnose a system you can't see/touch/measure.

    It could be your heat sink, power supply, cpu, or just about anything else. It really does take a technician to get a DOA system going.

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  10. It does this when you hit the power button on the front of the case?

    The normal behavior for a missing CPU is for the board to power up all the fans and do nothing, and stay powered up. I would expect this of a broken CPU as well.

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  11. Maybe, but when I broke my Duron 1000, it did exactly what his is doing. You may be right though, but I would inspect the CPU closely.

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  12. Probably the Thermal protection of the mobo cutting in. Try reseating the HS as this is suggestive that the CPU is dramatically overheating (if the HSF wasnt contacting the processor it would reach shut down temp - prob 80C - in about half a second. In about 3 seconds it would catch fire lol).

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  13. Would u be kind enough to tell us what Heatsink & Fan your using ???

    ive had a heatsink and fan combo with a temp. probe on the fan...and when plugged in froma cold start it spisn really slow...

    anyways i had a Volcano 7 plugged into a A7V133 and from a cold boot id power the computer on.....everythign woudl spin..than id get a long beep and the power shut off....turns out its because the FAN doesnt spin fast enough...its like a CPU Overheating protection.....

    i think somethign similar is happenedign to you....or maybe u dont have the CPU Fan plugegd into the CPU Fan header on the Motherboard ?? i dont makes no sense...

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  14. I got a barebones from infinity systems plus and it did the same thing on the first day i got it.It was the craped out 400w power supply they sent me.I swapped it with a 250w Sparkle power supply and it worked,just got a new Antec sl350 from compusa for 49.95 after rebate and it works fine..although the 5 and 3.3 volt rails are running a little low.I'm gonna replace it with a 480w TRUE power from Antec just to help out on the overclocking.
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  15. you have your answers here, i'll simplify what's been said:
    1) if the processor is chipped, this is probably your problem, check it
    2) if the processor is not chipped, the heatsink/fan (hsf) unit may not be seated properly. just reseat it (meaning take it off and put it back on again and make sure it's done properly)
    3) it could be your power supply. if you think this is the problem, post your system specs and an appropriate power supply will be recommended. it will probably be something along the lines of an antec or enermax ~350W unit


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  16. hehe Scamtron IF my cpu is dead why would you wana buy it? and how much? for a 2400+ AMD XP.
  17. *tear* I think my um top metalic processor chip that is the only thing that contacts my Heatsink has a chip in it, but I mean isn't hat just a heat conducter not "The Processor" if not should be :/. but anyway The CPU fan I am using is a QuitMax um it is the kind you have to screw in not a clip on, I"m getting a new CPU fan cause that one is to complicated and you have ot get it like perficaly level so I"m just gana get one of those good Volcano kind made by TT.

    The PSU that came with my case was a off brand MQ 400w. Its not Supported at for amd's so that may be my problem... or my fan.... I"m getting a new PSU and CPU fan anyway soon....*is in denial* it can't be my processor that dang thign cost to much. I'm 17 and don't have good funds, hopefully I can get this job I want soon and I guess get a new Processor.
  18. Bad news... that metalic thing that contacts your heat sink is the actual CPU. There is a very thin layer of inactive metal on top, but the transistors are right there. If you chip it, it's toast.

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  19. Ya I was afraid of that, *tear* Ok welp I guess it will be another month or 2 till I get this thing finished, I"M pretty sure it was shiped that way but my 30 day warrenty has come and gone. So I am Uber SCREWED. Thx for the Bad news oh well, WHY MEE!!!

    anyway it has been a learning experience building My computer and will be till I get it done. 3 more peice, New Power Supply, New CPU fan, and now New CPU. and I will transfer old Drives from this computer to that one and get it up and running.

    Thx again.
    And anyone wana buy a chiped 2400+ AMD Athlon XP Processor give me a holla @!!!
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