Loud Fan Noise in HP Laprtop

i have a hp pavilion dv4-1145go laptop pc. the fan has always been a bit noisy, but the other day, after using for about an hour, (being used while sitting on a pillow), when the fan came on it made a really fast, noisty clicking sound, as if it was hitting something . it now does that when its on always now! i opened the laptop up, but even thouhgh i could nt get the fan out, i was able just to look at the top of the fan while its spinning. it looks ok but its really noisy.i poked it with my screwdriver cause i thouhght maybe it just stuck but it still goes but its super noisy and i assume it goes slower than usual so it may overheat when playing a game like gta3. any ideas? did the bearing overheat? heres what it says on the fan label: adda ab7205hx-qc1 dc 5v 0.4a (jal50) hypro bearing LF 8822d

any help would be appreciated! :ouch:
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  1. The fan is oscillating on its bearing either because its worn or need lubrication -- this happens with desktop computers' power supply units and the effect is the same.

    Difference, is it's harder to get at the fan in a laptop. Avoid the temptation to spray lubricant in the vent. But if you can't dismantle the laptop sufficiently that may be the only solution.

    Sitting the laptop on a pillow probably blocked the vent and caused everything to overheat.
  2. You can always replace the fan..

    I would not spray anything but air on the inside of your notebook. But, compressed air, you should try. Yes indeed.
  3. what deoes it mean : oscillating on bearing?
  4. If the bearing is worn or dry the fan shaft will try to move up and down instead of putting all its energy into rotary action. The fan slows down and the noise you hear is the assembly banging against the end stops.

    Basically they put 5 cent fans in $500 computers and wonder why the computer fails.
  5. well actually its a 750 or so dollar laptop but thats irrelevant. i fixed the problem, at least temporarily, cause i broke somepieces of the fan vent cover so i managed to get to the fan better, then i uxed a screwdriver and like shanked the fan so now it works better its like it was before it made lots of noise. sometimes, when i move the laptop while the fan is spining it makes that loud noise again but it stops when i cease moving the laptop. thanks to FIHART and FROZENLED for the advice but since i sort of "fixed" it myself i wont select anything as the best answer!
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