Difference between 1Ghz Athlon and Athlon XP 2200

I'm interested in upgrading my system, and I'm not sure to do it now or to wait till later. I am looking towards an Athlon XP 2200+ and I currently have a 1Ghz Athlon. If I buy a good Nforce 2 mainboard, some good CL2 Corsair RAM, and the Athlon XP 2200, how much improvment will I really see? I play demanding 3d games and dabble in some other hardware intensive stuff (DV, audio recording, etc.) Thanks to all who respond!

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  1. ~2x faster in what u do. Nothing noticeable in windows tho, but in places where processing is necessary, sure u'll get a performance boost. I have a 1.2Ghz and recently bought a XP2400 system for a friend and played around w/ it, nothing special imo compared to mine, didn't seem terribly faster. Personally, my next upgrade will be like 2 or 4 cpu system w/ 4-5Ghz hammers (I do a lot of the same stuff u do, as well as quantum comp simulations, 3d, etc).

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  2. roughly 2x faster not quite....ins oem things even more than that some things not so much.....

    if ur going for nForce 2.....ur midus well get an XP 1700+ Thoroughbred 'B' and Overclock it to 2.4+GHz.....way beyond 2800+ speed...for the price of a 1700+ =)

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  3. Can I really overclock it that much safely? Is there something special about the 1700+ that allows you to overclock it more than others? What if I still got the 2200+ and overclocked it? could I get even faster?

  4. Well the 1700+ is the sweetest overclockable CPU right now....

    not ALL of them will hit 2.4Ghz or higher...but a lot will....i can gaurantee you 2.2Ghz or there abouts.....remember though...it HAS to be the 1700+ Thoroughbred 'B'...that is the reason it overclocks so well cuz the Thoroughbred 'B' core is VERY scalable...

    as for the 2200+.....theres no gaurantee that a 1800+ or even a 2400+ will OC better than a 1700+ Thoroughbred 'B'.....

    Copenhagen had a 2400+ and couldnt get more than i think 2.3Ghz or so out of it.....thats a Thoroughbred 'B'...than he got a few different 1700+ Thoroughbred B's and got 2.2Ghz or a bit more out of them....than hes now got a 2100+ and hes getting 2.4+ GHz out of it.....not all CPU's OC the same but theres been many people here who've OC'd there 1700+'s to 2.3 or 2.4GHz or even a bit higher....

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  5. It really depends on what you do. Video and Audio software encoding, it will help a lot. Roughly 2x faster. Depending on what game you play, it will also help.
  6. That all makes sense. Thanks. The only thing I was thinking is that the 2200+ consumes less power, so it runs cooler. It also is made using the .13 micron process instead of the .18 micron process. Maybe this reduces power consumption? I may be completely off, I'm just getting into the whole overclocking thing. If I do get the 1700+, what kind of cooling stuff do I need to safely overclock? I figure I need about 3 good fans, a spacious case, and a good heatsink. These things are all well within my reach. Anything else? Thanks!!

  7. The new 1700`s are T-BRED B Cores. All T-Breds are .13 micron. And to tell you something the 2200 is a VERY hot chip because it is based on the T-Bred A core and that core SUCKED! But when you order the 1700`s you must make specialy sure they are the T-Bred B`s because there are palomino cores T-Bred A and also B versions now running around. As for cooling you wont require anything really special but I will leave it up to other people to suggest cooling for you.

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  8. Note that the overclock results also depend on what motherboard you have (an Asus or Abit board does help getting better results) also the memory brand is important but since you're talking Corsair that shouldn't be a problem...
  9. If you're into 3d games, then you'll probably see a bigger difference if you upgrade your video card (depending on what you have). As everyone else said, you might as well get a 1700+ and overclock it, they are cheap, run cool, and overclock like a champ. Mine's one of the lucky AIUGB cores that does 2.4Ghz with a 200mhz bus.

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  10. Thats how it used to be..but not anymore...AMD does nto make Palomino (0.18 Micron) processors anymore, its a waste of money to do so now........you wills till find some out there for sale...aswell as some T-Bred A's....but i said you need a Thoroughbred 'B'.....the 'B' represents the latest and greatest version of the Thoroughbred Core which is 0.13 Micron....its does NOT consume a lot of power...and it only runs at 1.50 Volt cre by default....obviously when you overclock you will have to raise that a little bit but even than it will still run pretty cool......

    Like i said b4 and sum 1 else here mentioned also...just make sure to get the Thoroughbred B version of the Athlon XP 1700+..

    as for cooling.....The ThermalTake Volcano 7+ will do you good....run it at Medium speed setting and have a couple case fans and ur temp. should be in the mid thirties.....maybe high thirties when OC'd REALLY high...who knows? everyones computer reports a little bit different temps....

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  11. Thanks for the advice all!! I think that I'll go with the 1700+. What do you mean AIUGB? Is this something that I can find or is it just luck?

  12. If you go to a local store where you can actually see the processor, AIUGB will be written on the core of the CPU itself. If you're ordering it online just make sure that it is specified as an Athlon B, but it's more of a roll of the dice.

    Newegg.com seems to be shipping mostly Bs (read the customer reviews), and it's only $52 with free shipping (oddly enough it's also on sale for $68. Why would the sale price be more than the regular price?)

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  13. <A HREF="http://www.excaliberpc.com" target="_new">http://www.excaliberpc.com</A> guarantees you will get the b core in the 1700xp.

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  14. It definately won't give you twice the performance, with AMD assigning artificial and arbitrary model numbers to their latest CPUs. I'm guessing you'll see around 60% better performance in applications that run mainly off RAM, such as CPU reliant games. In games that rely more upon the card, with no improvement in the card, probably around 20% better performance.

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