Need opinion on system- P4 vs Dual PIII

I am new to this board and need to solicit the help of the more powerful minds in this community.

I have an existing PIII system that is dual processor capable,so I thought I would upgrade it to dual PIII 1.4T w/512 cache (133 FSB) and 1GB PC800 RDRAM. In looking at doing so, I can likely get a P4 2.4 or 2.66 single processor system (533 FSB) with 1GB DDR33 RAM.

Which do you folks think would be a better system for doing Photoshop, InDesign, AutoCAD some video editing (home stuff), no games and MOST importantly- running multiple tasks at once- spreadsheet, wordprocessor, MP3 player, Internet explorer, etc. I have 3 monitors, planning on adding more so I usually run a lot of stuff at once, thus my concern for dual processors. I would really appreciate any insight you might give me.

Thanks, John
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  1. In retrospect for what your going to be doing.....Id say the PIII Tully 1.4's would be ur best option out of the 2 you choose........

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  2. I am running two dual PIII machines at the moment both using the VIA266T chipset which I have found to be very reliable. You already have a dual 840 slot1 board with sloket adapters or something? Anyway, RDRAM is a bit of an overkill with PIII, even with two of them.

    Anyway, the P4 option is going to be cheaper so money will come into it also and if you have to buy much new stuff you might as well put dual 2.4G 533MHz Xeons. I'm waiting for a good E7505 chipset motherboard to become available in the Netherlands to build such a system.

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