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I am having a confusing issue here, here is a quick rundown:

My Sennheiser PC161 headset died on me, so I bought one second hand off craigslist. Got home that night and plugged it in, and the mic is not working.

My friend in Mumble says that whenever I try to transmit, he can hear what I'm hearing (i.e if i'm watching a video, then he will hear that video being transmitted). When I run the audio wizard in Mumble, it does not pick up my voice.

I have since contacted the seller and he has been trying to help me, and I don't believe he knowingly sold me a bad item. He says that he has used the mic everyday for the past few months.

More oddities to note:
-W7 wants to turn the mic boost all the way up on the mic. When i turn it down W7 automatically turns it back up
-When I run Skype audio wizard, I hear static and the green bar constantly bounces around, even when I'm quiet.
-W7 microphone wizard does not pick up my voice.
-I am able to switch back to my old mic and use it seemlessly.

Thanks in advance for any input on this.
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  1. Hi :)

    The headset is obviously faulty...return it...

    Your old one works...the second hand one doesn't.... as a guess that's why he sold it....

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Brett928S2 said:
    .....Your old one works...the second hand one doesn't.... as a guess that's why he sold it....

  3. Click on the Microsoft "start" icon in the bottom left tray.
    Type in "microphone" in the search box.
    Click "Manage Audio Devices.

    in the "Sounds" Pop up Window:

    1. Playback
    2. Recording
    3. Sound
    4. Communications

    Select "Recording"
    Then, Highlight, and double click the name of the microphone.
    The Transmit Properties box will pop up.

    in the "Transmit Properties" Pop up Window:

    1. general
    2 listen
    3. Levels
    4. Advanced

    select "Levels"

    then click the "unmute microphone icon."
    You will immediately hear your voice on your microphone.
    And now you can adjust the volume.
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