Thinkpad 390 e video problem?

Just purchased a IMB Thinkpad 390e off of ebay. Everything is fine as far as surfing the net but when I go to youtube or to try to play a video it comes up but sort of plays in very slow motion.The sound comes out fine but just not the video part. It currently has 333 MHZ eith 128 RAM 20GB. Should I add more memory ?
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  1. It's always good to add more memory.

    But it would help first to narrow down where the slow down might originate.

    Presumably you are comparing the performance with another computer -- if it was a desktop maybe it had:
    a better wireless connection
    a better video system
    more memory
    a faster processor

    Does the same slowdown become evident when you play a movie from DVD ? If not the problem may be the internet connection -- especially if you are using a laptop with wireless.

    Experiment and tell us more.
  2. Thanks for the info. I actually just purchased and received yesterday more memory. I will hopefully installing it tonight. No I wasn't comparing it to another computer, it just wasn't working the way it should. I wasn't playing from a DVD. I had went to and went to watch a TV show and the picture came up with no problem but when I went to play it was play in a slow motion. The sound and voices were fine. It was the actual video that was very slow.I mean it has 333mhz ao I thought it would play without to much of a problem but like you said it can't hurt to add the memory anyway. I will see what happens. Thanks
  3. mindybiz said:
    I mean it has 333mhz ao I thought it would play without to much of a problem
    Going from 128MB to the full 256MB allowed by that system probably won't make much of a difference in playing Youtube videos with a 333Mhz Pentium II (a 10-12yo CPU).

    Was the video you were trying to watch HD video? If so switching out of HD should help.

    If you don't mind my asking, how much did you end up paying for that Thinkpad 390e
  4. Thanks again for the reply. Not sure if the show I was watching on youtube was in HD or not. I will check that part out though. Also how would I go about changing it out of HD? Here are the details on the computer I purchased. It was basically just to have a second computer to mess around with. It is an IMB Thinkpad 390E, 333 mhz, 128 MB RAM, 20GB with Windows 2000. As I said I did purchase another 128 of memory but haven't put it in yet. I paid $30 for it.
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