Great Headset for <$50

Hello all :)

OK, I am looking to buy a headset in the near future. Here is what I am looking for:

Detachable and reversible microphone.
Circum-Aural headset (preferrably big, as my head is pretty big).
Great sound quality in headset
Great microphone quality, and possibly noise-cancelling (I want the other people to be able to understand me clearly).
Less than $50.
Preferrably USB (not quite a requirement, but pretty close).
Compatible with Windows 7.
Not a cheap set (as in won't break easily).
Comfort with wearing for long periods of time.
Preferrably a long cord.

Thats about it...

Thanks in advance! :D
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  1. For $50? I'm assuming you're looking for a good pair. I'd suggest the Creative, one of them. I had an older model that worked great, USB headset. I'm sure you can find it for under $50 now.
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