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Dell SK-8110 Keyboard wiring

I AM A TINKERER. Well I cut the PS-2 connector and tried to splice a USB cable to it to work as a temp keyboard for my laptop.

Keyboard Color codes are RED. WHITE. GREEN. YELLOW. SHIELD Dell KB

Spliced Cable codes are RED. WHITE. GREEN. BLACK. SHIELD Generic cable

Connected all color to color. Except the black and yellow wire together.

PC will not recognize when plugged in.

What do I do?

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    Sorry, *Tighten's tie*

    Ohhk, So..

    "black and yellow wire together" is what the problem is..

    The USB plugs used a color code as follows.

    VCC Red +5 VDC
    2 D- White Data -
    3 D+ Green Data +
    4 GND Black Ground

    PS2 connector keyboards and mice didn't have assigned color codes and various manufacturers used whatever color they wanted.

    Since the plugs are molded and you can't trace the wiring you would be better off just to purchase a new keyboard.
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