A Curious Temperature Observation

Hi Gang!!

Just built a new PC with an ASUS A7N8X using a AMD Athlon XP 1700+. I am running everything at spec. Under normal operation the cpu and mobo run at about 38 degrees Celcius.

This I can live with.

The odditiy is that when I leave the PC unattended and it goes into standby mode...the CPU and mobo temp actually increase by 4 degrees Celcius.

Is this normal???

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  1. I never let my pc go into standby, but i have a feeling that maybe your fans might reduce their rpm's when they go in to that state, so therefore that would explain the raise in temps... Besides.. if your pc remains stable, and successfully makes it back to normal operation, your going fine, regardless of temperature raising.

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  2. Is the CPU fan shutting of in standby?

    If it is disable Q-Fan in your BIOS.

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  3. I do not trust the temp probe of my mobo, they are usually based on the temp of the air under the cpu. that design worked well before fcpga but they should really get with the times and use the one included with modern amd processors. I have thermal probes taped to just barely touch the side of the cup die. I get much more accurate readings and I find that the temp is almost 8c higher in the area below the cpu than the die is.

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