Where can i buy completely customized laptops?

Hi Everyone!

I'm looking for a DAW system for over a month...
Been in all the popular designated online stores and still haven't found what i'm looking for.
Where can i buy a COMPLETELY customized laptop???
I want to pick EVERYTHING!!!

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. Answer the FAQ at the top of the Laptops and Notebooks section. We need to know what exactly you are looking for and how much you want to spend.

    Otherwise, sights like XoticPC and SagerNotebook allow you to customize most of the systems.
  2. Ok, you're right...


    Im looking for a mobile DAW system for about 1600 USD.
    The pc will mostly be used as Desktop replacement, but also as mobile performing system.
    * I though about T9900 CPU, 4GB RAM 1066 and 7200Rpm hard Drive
    * 1600x900 resolution
    * Regular battery life will be just fine (about 3whr)
    * I wont be playing games on my laptop but i do need a GPU that doesn't take system resources.
    * I do want to watch movies on my laptop
    * I need a fast HDD with about 500Gigs capacity
    * The laptop is for 4 years forward.
    * Regular DVD writer would fit
    * Im pretty open to suggestions about the brand...but not MAC!!! (i know its the best for DAW)
    * I need a comfortable keyboard, so please suggest which brand has the best keyboard...

    Thanks in advance!!!!
  3. whats DAW (sorry it doesnt help u at all)
  4. DAW = Digital Audio Workstation
  5. Best answer
    You can customize the HP dv6t quad for near those specs:

    It has a quad-core i7 (the 1.73GHz chip), which will fair better in audio mix-downs than the dual-core T9900. It's also equipped with 6GB of memory, and the 500GB hard disk you're looking for, for under $1600.

    You didn't mention what screen size you want, though the HP does not meet your resolution requirement; but I think it's more than ample in the horsepower department.
  6. Viist any of the boutique sites like WidowPC, Falcon Northwest, VoodooPC .... they sell Clevo (and Compal) laptops where everything is assembled from your parts list based upon what will plug in to the chassis you select.

    I buy mine direct from one of the suppliers who sells to the boutique shops:
  7. Or diy laptop, use ocz's diy laptop kit, however, the gpu isn't that awesome
  8. ASUS is popular because of it's customizability in its Built On Line.

    Also, HP and Dell both have customizable laptops, at and

    For ASUS, check the ASUS FAQ for a list of resellers!
  9. WOW!!!
    Thanks guys, i see there are a lot of options!!!
    Ill check one by one and post my verdict shortly...

  10. B.T.W

    What do you think about VAIO FW series? (except its overpricing and looks)
  11. Check out a Canadian laptop vendor,
    Eurocom allows you to totally customize your laptop.

    The D900F panther uses Desktop CPU's like the core i7

    It will be pricey, but hey if that's what you want, Eurcom can do it.
  12. Well...
    All the boutique stores are really expensive...i don't see any reason buying a laptop that expensive for 3-4 years.

    Found a pretty good Laptop (price and power) from Sony and Lenovo...
    surprisingly Sony is cheaper.

    So now i'm not sure, which one of them is better and why...
    Please tell me your opinion about the cons of Sony and Lenovo, it would really help.

    And another thing...
    Sony and Lenovo wont let me put 1066 RAM on the laptop...
    does the core 2 duo T9900 support 1066 ram?
  13. Hello???
    Any idea???
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