Upgraded motherboard, cpu, ram. PC now shutting down and restarting

I've recently changed my setup from an Asus P5K SE, Socket 775 Intel Core 2 Quad and 8 GB DDR-2 800 Ram to a Gigabyte H55M-S2V, Intel i3 560, 4GB DDR-3 1333 Ram.

The fault is that every so often (between 5mins and 2 hrs) the PC will restart without warning. I've installed all the appropriate drivers for my new motherboard. I did think it was possibly a PSU fault so have replaced that but that made no difference.

I am running Windows 7 Ultimate and am assuming there is a problem with the Operating System, I would rather explore some options before doing a reinstall so am asking for some help here.
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  1. Sounds like a memory issue. Try reseating your RAM then run Memtest86 or try a different RAM module. If you have 2x 2Gb, try 1x 2Gb and see what happens.
  2. I would say the same. Sounds like Memory issues, but another question.

    Why did you "upgrade"? I think you would have more power in the old system....
  3. Thanks for both of your answers, I've run memtest86 for the last hour with both sticks of ram in place and it's completed a full pass so far with no errors yet, possibly something else. I'm going to try running a live linux distro for a while to see if I can rule out hardware.

    As for my upgrade, the old mobo was pretty much maxed out as far as ram and cpu, the new one I can upgrade to an i7 and more ram at some stage. I benchmarked both mobos using passmark and they came out pretty even except the new one was ranked a little lower for ram.
  4. When upgrading the hardware like you did the proper thing to do is backup before the upgrade the reinstall windows after the upgrade then restore the data from your backup. Upgrading without a cleanreinstall can(and usually will) leave you with an unstable system if it will boot at all. Now you can spend innumerable hours trying to fix something that may not be fixable or spend a couple hours doing a backup then a clean reinstall.
  5. Yeah I feel you may be right bignastyid, was hoping to get away without doing a clean install. I do have a spare 500GB drive so I'll end up doing an install on that and I can just move my files over
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