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In the article about 2 new Shuttle mini-PCs, they were said to be loud because of the fan in the heat-pipe. Can you replace the fan in the SN41G2 and thereby make the PC quiet? Also, does anyone kno how well suppored the onboard devices are in linux?
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  1. You COULD replace the fan, but you'd still end up with a system that's already outdated before you even build it. Think about it: 1 hard drive, 1 PCI slot...think about the limits of the thing. Now think about this: It has a larger footprint than a slim ATX case, so it takes up MORE deskspace. Now think about this: If you had planned on using one in a Home Theater, the case doesn't come close to matching the components you already have, so a Micro ATX desktop would not only increase expandability, but offer more apropriate asthetics in a home theater.

    All in all this type of system is not even a "jack of all trades, master of none", more like a "jack of few trades". It has almost nothing going for it besides the "Kewl" factor, ie it is impracticle for nearly every use.

    <font color=blue>Watts mean squat if you don't have quality!</font color=blue>
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