Dell xps 16 i7 720 vs p87004 for SAP IDES R/3 and SAP BI 7.0

dell xps 16
i7 720 4GB DDR3 1GB graphics
p8700 4gb DDr3 1 GB GRAPhics
any other,any brand
to be used for Running SAP IDES r/3 Server and SAP IDES BI Both simultaneously
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  1. I ran IDES on my Dual Core 2.2 Ghz notebook and it worked fine.
    Both systems are over kill as far as the CPU goes for IDES (full SAP with users is another story!)

    If you want to run BI I'd suggest bumping up the ram to 6gb or 8gb

    My Development system is running the full version of SAP NW 7.0 on a Q9400 @2.66 Ghz with 8gb of RAM
    That is a HP workstation PC, not a server using Server 2003 64 bit and Oracle 10
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