Am I already listening to Digital? Surely not?

Hi there,

So, got a Creative 5.1 analog speaker system. However, I use my PC to watch Blu Ray, and I want to turn the volume up, but when I do, it's all background noise etc.

So I thought, what about digital? My motherboard has an S/PDIF output. But I wonder if THIS:

Works? It's not clear to me what it does exactly, but does it decode digital sound and then pass it through analog speakers?

And if my motherboard has S/PDIF output, then is it already decoding digital and then playing it through its 7.1 capable motherboard?

Cheers guys
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  1. the link u gave does decoding (according to a review).

    but try ure mobo spdif first. whats stopping u?

    nice pic by the way.
  2. Are you saying you get no sound when you play Blue Ray disks, or are you missing channels? Like you get music but no dialog.

    Does everything else work with the speakers?

    MEgamer, he can't use the motherboard digital outs, his speakers don't have the inputs for it.
  3. ah....
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