Screen size and wide fit are greyed out on my tv settings

I have a problem with my Samsung Plasma Tv 40" , my picture doesnt fit the screen, its too big, so i went through my screen sizes, my options are 16:9 (Way to small) zoom1 (too big) zoom2 (even bigger) 4:3 ( too big) SCREEN FIT (is what i need but is GREYED OUT) and wide fit (but is also Greyed out) ...... can anybody tell me why my TV wont allow me to change the screen size to 'screen fit' or 'wide fit' !!!? weve tryed resetting all the settings and still the optiion i need is greyed out!
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  1. im unable to pay a technician online, im really just hoping someone has a super easy soluton to this, i was left with the house over the weekend and shortly after parents got home they were pissed because th tv size was screwy! and the two screen size options were greyed out and we've tried everything , but nothing. its my responsibility to fix it because it was not like so before left town, and when they returned after i had used the surround sound and flatscreen for the weekend the sizes were greyed out, i have no idea what i did , but the problem is still there, and i have no idea how to fix
  2. you dont have to pay anyone to read the dialog of how the tech already helped the customer who did pay for the advice. just read through what is listed in the post. you dont have to pay for anything.
    otherwise, try samsung customer support.
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