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I'm actually new here and saw that THG was a good place to learn and build my comp.

I'm upgrading my system with an XP 2700 @ 2.17 Ghz, and was wondering how much I could overclock until I need to change the V core.... (I'm getting a A7N8X Asus w/ Corsair XMS CL2 DDR400 512mb RAM)

Can anyone explain to me precisely the voltage settings for good performance for core, ram, agp, etc, etc...

Current system:

Celeron 300A overclocked to 450Mz
10 GB HDD (have to boot up several times before I get windows to load. Keep getting HDD error, probably cause I kicked it...)
Crappy MOBO
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  1. Depends on the specific situation, not all CPUs are created equal. Some need higher voltages than others. Even if they are same make and model, so that question can not be answered exactly. Like my Duron 1300, I have it OCed to (as I check SiSoft because I forgot what I OCed it to lol) 1417 MHz, and I undervolted it from 1.75 Volts to 1.69 volts. I wish the 1300 could be unlocked, I know this thing will do 1500, at least, maybe as high as 1600.

    Water cooling is for the weak. Get liquid nitrogen.
  2. Well.....theres no telling if you WILL have to up the voltage and if u do at what speed.....so what u do is keep upping the speed and once u loose stability up the voltage slightly until u have ur stability back....

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  3. So I guess it's trial and error... Thanks for your imput.
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