Set top dvd player vs computer dvd

What is the difference between a set top DVD player and a computer DVD player?
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  1. With respect to...???

    There really isn't a difference other than a computer is more customize-able and can do post-processing through software.
  2. a set-top dvd player will only play dvd, music. a computer dvd player usually has write capabilities as well as the ability to open anything on the disk that you have software for. the only downside is that you need a video codec to play dvds on your computer and set-top boxes seem to "upscale" better.

    it all depends on what you want to accomplish.
  3. Set top DVD player:
    - Dedicated to playing DVDs.
    - Can playback movies burned onto DVD-R and DVD+R if burned properly. Must be in DVD video format; i.e. VOB files.
    - Some can play MP3 files burned on DVDs or CDs.
    - Inexpensive
    - Low power consumption

    Computer DVD player:
    - Needs a computer so more expensive
    - Consumes more power since the PC will be on.
    - You can play back other types of video files burnt on the DVD like AVI and MKV.
    - If you buy a DVD burner, you can write data on blank DVDs and CDs.
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