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Hey community,
I recently bought a new logitech stereo headset H150. I really like its sound quality but the prob comes with its mic. Its not long enough to pick up sound properly and as a result i get very low decibal sound from my mic.I have set the mic volume to full from control panel but still no help. Although I am able to record voice but the sound is very,very,very low.Here is an image of my microphone. http://blog.123inkcartridges.ca/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/123inkcartridges.ca_3_Logitech_Stereo_Hea...
Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Please guys help required ASAP! :| :(
  2. sukritkb said:
    Please guys help required ASAP! :| :(

    Hi from what i can see of this mic i cant see that its to short? a few things witch can help is to make sure the headset is adjusted right another thing is if your playing games or maybe using other programs like skype witch will automaticly manage your levels depending on your noise levels it may reduces your levels in your recording device menu so make sure it isn't doing this.
    if you still have a issue with levels there is a audio booster in audacity other than that i cant think of what the issue can be.
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