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When I try to play this game the hour glass does not
disappear. Any suggestions?
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    "LBERBERICH" <> wrote in message news:25efb01c46181$a17b62f0$a401280a@phx.gbl...
    | When I try to play this game the hour glass does not
    | disappear. Any suggestions?

    Here's a few causes for Spider, Solitaire, Free Cell, etc., failing.
    This list was originally started by +Elmo_Tech :-)

    - Free Cell was locking up until, by reading a message on this Newsgroup,
    I turned off IMGICON.EXE on the Start Menu (Control/Alt/Delete).
    By instruction from Iomega, after trying updated download for the Iomega
    Zip drive, I did a search for IMGICON.EXE and deleted it. It works now.

    - Solitaire Caused General Protection Fault in Module:

    - General Protection Fault When Starting Microsoft Solitaire:

    - Problems Running FreeCell And Solitaire with Office XP Installed:

    - Freecell FAQ:

    - For more KB articles try:

    - Press Ctrl/Alt-Delete, click Point32 to highlight, and click End Task.
    You may lose mouse acceleration and scrolling selections till you reboot.

    - Reinstall the game(s): Windows XP:

    Click START / Control Panel / Add or Remove Programs / Add Remove
    Windows Components / Accessories and Utilities / [Details...] / Games /
    [Details...] / pick your games / Click [OK] 3 times. May require XP CD.

    To Install or Uninstall Windows 9x Games:

    Click START / Settings / Control Panel / Add-Remove Programs /
    Click on the Windows Setup tab and double-click Accessories.
    Check the box beside Games, then click OK / click OK again.
    You'll need your Windows 98 Setup CD to complete the installation
    unless the win98 .cab files directory was saved on your hard drive.

    To see if it's a software conflict: Temporarily disable Startup
    programs one at a time, starting with Firewall, Antivirus, and ad
    blockers using:

    You can lookup what a program does before you disable it here:


    "Have you also installed McAfee VirusScan's latest version?
    Malfunctioning in Freecell and Solitaire is a known problem for them, and
    they suggest a solution on their site."

    * Did you just install a Windows Update before this problem started?
    Perhaps the update didn't install properly. Remove the most recent update
    (the one(s) with the largest KB numbers) and try the game again before
    you reinstall the update with your antivirus software disabled.

    - AVG does the same thing.. Disable before you start the game.

    - Slow Spider Solitaire: "If I open "Start",and then "Help" Spider Solitaire
    works fine. That is I must run "Help" while I'm playing Spider Solitaire."

    - Pop Up stoppers.

    - Cookie Crushers.

    - rundll (use Control Alt Delete to open Task Manager to end this task)

    - PGP - Pretty Good Protection software.

    - Mouse pointers.. Use default, or less-active pointers.

    - Internet Explorer 6.

    - Iomega zipdisk program conflict with IE6. An article:

    "..a post on here a couple of weeks ago that suggested that this has to
    do with a Iomega Zip disk file that you have running. IMGICON.EXE This
    is loaded from the StartUp folder as Zip Disk Icons. (or it was on my
    PC) Hit Ctrl - Alt - Del and see if it's running."

    - Cleansweep's usage monitor. Disable.

    Cheers, Windows XP MVP Shell / User
    Jimmy S.

    Game FAQs:;[LN];gms
    Visit my / Gaming Helpsite: or Call / Contact
    MS Support at:;en-us;top
    My advice is donated "AS IS" without warranty; nor do I confer any rights.
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