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I have a legal copy of windows 7 64 bit oem on a computer I built last year which had xp pro. My motherboard asus m3n78-vm supports 64 bit as does my cpu amd 64 5600x2. I have gig of ram. Windows installs 80%, then shuts down. I have upgraded my bios on the motherboard. Now I'm at a lost.
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  1. Most Windows 7 installation problems seem to be caused by faulty memory I would check the memory by running a memory test program overnight. The DVD drive may be reading the CD incorrectly, try using another drive or different media. Shutting down could be a power supply problem try substituting another power supply. Only have the minimum hardware installed to boot Windows 7 when installing that includes disabling devices on the motherboard such as sound, network, modem etc.
  2. The memory is fine and the dvd drive is ok, the disk is being read it goes through the installation to the point of downloading everything right to to the end of the completion. Then it just stops, I re-boot it goes through the paces then right at the end when it should load it shuts down.
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