How to get my Lapt to run faster


I dont have very much on my laptop but it seems to run very slow to me
How can I get it run faster Im on VAIO.

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  1. Linux! ;-D
  2. No, really, there are so many things you can do. Here are a few. Note that I am an XP/linux user and so these are gleaned from my use of XP.
    1. Reinstalling from an actual XP cd (not a system restore disk as provided with many laptops) will get rid of most bloatware.
    2. If you want to disable some of the bloatware without reinstall, go to Start --> Run and type msconfig - go to the last tab (I think - in linux, can't check) and disable any programs that you don't want running on startup
    3. Run defrag & disk cleanup!

    Sorry if you're running a different OS - you didn't say.
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