Sound not working on brand new laptop

hey guys,
I just bought a asus g60vx laptop and the sound says its working and shows it working but i still dont hear anything... i tried using earphones but those did not work either. i tried watching a movie and music.... but when i started the laptop i heard the start up sound. it is not on mute ive checked.
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  1. Did you try connecting HDMI unit to it?

    Try to check the audio settings and make sure that the output is on speakers not HDMI or headphone. If that doesn't fix it, try downloading the new audio driver ans install it.
  2. Hmm, i will try doing that... I am pretty sure that I already did that but i will give it a try... Also I couldnt find a free driver for my sound.... If I really wanted to I could pay 10-20 bucks to buy a installation but i dont even know if that will work.
  3. And yes I did try connecting speakers to my laptop but they did'nt work either.
  4. jeremiah reese said:
    And yes I did try connecting speakers to my laptop but they did'nt work either.

    The driver disc actually came with your asus laptop, that is if you purchased it new. However, you can download you driver here:

    Have you check the volume mixer? the volume analyzer must gives you indication if it's working. Hopefully it's not a hardware problem, Make sure you register your computer to get that extra warranty Asus offer.
  5. Yes, I just found the driver and installed it on my laptop... Still did'nt work... I am thinking about wipeing my laptop clean and then installing the cds i got with the computer on it again. And yep i chekced the mixer... all the applications atre on medium volumn.
  6. I think it's better to check with Asus first before you do that.
  7. it's under warranty, let them deal with it
  8. yea, i might, just dont want to go through the process of shipping it back and waiting for a new one... And I got my headphones working, not sure what do now, cause i could just buy speakers for it and then it would work...
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