Which LCD ?

samsung SyncMaster 2233SW 22'' OR
Samsung 22inch LCD 226BW

i am getting both of these lcd's at a dirt cheap price...

i don't know *** about lcd's...so can you guys tell me which one is better ?
which one should i get ?
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  1. The 2233SW is a higher resolution monitor (1920x1080 vs. 1680x1050)

    The 226BW has a lower response time (2ms vs 5ms)

    The 2233SW has a slightly better viewing angle (170° vs 160°)

    The 2233SW has lower power consumption (40W vs 55W)

    The 226BW is slightly bigger (22" vs 21.5")

    The 226BW weighs less (10.8lbs vs 12lbs)

    I personally think the 2233SW is better due to it's higher resolution.
  2. The 226BW is old and no longer in production. However, it was considered one of the best TN panel monitors back in 2007; if you got the right model.

    Model S - Samsung TN panel; considered "Superior"
    Model A - AU Optronics TN panel; considered "Average"
    Model C - ChiMei TN panel; considered "Crap"

    How do you tell the model? It should state it on the box, otherwise you need to rip open the monitor and look for an id tag on the LCD panel itself.
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