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hi, i'm just wondering about the battery on my latop..i just a new dell for xmas. When i unplug the computer and just use the battery, should i wait until it's almost dead before i plug it back in again? or does it matter?
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    No, it shouldn't really matter. Batteries wear out after time, it just happens. About the only thing that will actually hurt your battery life is leaving the battery in when you leave the laptop plugged in. A good rule of thumb is if you plan on leaving the laptop plugged into the wall for an extended period of time, let the battery charge and then remove it and just run the system off the power adapter.
  2. As above, the general wisdom now is NOT to allow modern laptop batteries to run right down.

    Recharge it as you might a mobile phone -- fairly randomly -- and not necessarily fully -- in fact removing the wall power when less than fully charged may preserve the battery.
  3. If anybody read the manual we wouldn't be needed here.
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