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I have an analog tv which used to communicate fine with the vcr. I think the tv when set to a certain channel would pick up the vcr signal so I can view vcr menus etc on the tv.

I recently purchased a hdd+dvd unit which has hdtv tuner and haven't been able to get it to talk with the TV.

What I did was: I connected the antenna cable from the wall to the Antenna In socket on the unit, then connect the Antenna Out socket from the unit to the TV. Switched on both units, and found only the usual old analog chanels showing on the tv ( only less clear than if I'd directly connected from the wall socket to the TV). I then tried all my TV channel buttons to find one that shows the HDTV menus etc, but only found the channels I'd always received.

Would anyone know what is wrong here ? Is the HD unit incompatible with my 1980's TV, or is there something else I should do with the TV, or a converter, attenuator required ?

Thanks so much in advance.

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  1. It is difficult to tell from your description but the antenna output may just be feeding through to the TV. If the box has regular audio/video ourputs you could buy an RF converter that would change these to channel three on the TV.
    Maybe time to spring for a new TV.
  2. Thankyou for replying, Americanaudiophile. It turns out my TV is a really old one with only coaxial cable in. My brother managed to connect that to the VCR, and connected the VCR's red/yellow/white sockets to the HDTV box. It worked fine for a bit, but while we were mucking around with other buttons suddenly the picture broke up and we haven't been able to get stable pictures since. I've got the HDTV to retune the chanels but all the chanels are still broken.
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