AMD and Age of mythology

Is this true?

A fair amount of users playing Age of Mythology online get "Out of sync" and the game aborts. An Ensemble Studios person(ES-Nazgau) posts that the problem is not with their netcode, but with AMD cpus. Here is the link...,11655,0,10

What do you guys think?
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  1. Seems to me that if it's a computational error, as the author claims, and they have indeed isolated and can reproduce the error, as he also claims, they ought to be able to write a patch to account for the error. I'm not a programmer, so maybe I'm being naive, but it seems like just about anything can be patched. He gave the example of an error where an AMD says an animation took X.XXXXX seconds...whereas the server thinks it took X.XXXXY seconds, and so the AMD machine goes out-of-sync. Well, can't they change the parameters of what causes an OOS to account for that specific error?

    He actually says in the post, and I quote, " So, you could also try to stay away from playing with folks with AMD machines, but you wouldn't have any way of being able to do that unless you know the person you are playing against."

    Give me a freakin break. I know AMD only has 15% of the PC market, but I'll bet you the percentage of gamers is much higher--especially amongst enthusiasts. As an owner of an AMD gaming machine, I take a little umbrage to that comment. I hope that guy's attitude doesn't permeate throughout the company!

    I want to move to space, so I can overclock processors cooled to absolute zero.
  2. The guy's response is a cop out. Any programmer can write code to account for an error, or differences between two setups.

    The best bet is to not buy that product and not to buy a product done by them, any product; until they learn to do it right the first time.

    His response to me seems to be he's blamming the gamer instead of the programmer.
  3. Oh dear. When did programmers stop using the real time clock? You can't measure the time it takes code to execute on any processor and expect it to be accurate to a seventh digit. Not when there are other processes going on. Events are meants to be used. What a b00b.

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  4. <A HREF=",11655,0,10" target="_new">Link</A> Bump, fanboy accusations are flying.

    Dichromatic for your viewing plesure...
  5. Lol! That was a sweet response. Hehe! I was hoping someone would come forward to defend the AMD army. I'll bet you that guy doesn't even do anything but monitor ublic forums for Microsoft. Otherwise, he wouldn't be so damned ignorant, telling players to try to avoid online matches with opponents who have AMD processors! The more I think about it, the more I wanna find the guy and smack him around for abject supidity!

    Okay rant complete.

    I want to move to space, so I can overclock processors cooled to absolute zero.
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