Hi. Is there any handy device where I can use to line-out/play my guitar processor and mp4 player simultaneously and plug my headset in?
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  1. I just realized you will need at least 3 recording channels for what you're asking. 1 channel for your guitar, and 2 channels (L + R) for your music player. The MobilePreUSB only has 2 channels. The M-Audio Fast Track Ultra has 4 recording channels, but it's probably overkill for what you need.

    Actually, re-reading your question now, it seems that you may not even want to record your sound to the computer. If so, then all you need is a portable mixer. Something like this perhaps:

    Will probably require a bunch of audio jack adapters to fit your headphones and mp4 player. Meaning you will need to split the L+R channels from your mp4 player to get them into the mono inputs of the mixer.

    Here's another possibility:
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