Do I need a Comcast cable box?

I've just moved into a new apartment (in Seattle) and the landlady says each apartment is already set up with about 50 channels of Comcast (which she charges each tennant for).
However when I connected my television to the cable outlet in the wall there are only 3 channels.
Do I need to get some sort of box to view the other channels? How much are they?

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  1. You need to talk with your landlady. If she says you're paying for about 50 channels and you're not getting them, she, not you, needs to resolve the issue.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Wolfshadw is most likely correct. One quick thing though. On your TV, is it set to cable instead of antenna? Sometimes that makes a difference.
  3. Yes I discovered that made a difference a few days ago, and after making that change I was able to get about 30 channels or so.
    However I conducted an experiment - I'm currently in short term corporate accommodation and have a Comcast box there and so took it to the new apartment (there's a few days overlap of leases) and with the Comcast box the number of available channels goes from about 30 to about 80.
    So looks like I do need one, my next task is to see if I can get one from somewhere (Comcast will probably charage a ridiculous amount for one).
  4. I see.

    Well, if your landlady is charging you for the those 80 channels, then even if Comcast does charge rent for boxes (I highly doubt they do though, just DVR's) then the landlady is required to pay the rent for it as you are already paying for that service to her.
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