Problem - Sony HDR-SR11 camcorder got wet


I have a Sony HDR-SR11 Camcorder that will not record when I select the record button. It got wet when I was filming Niagara falls and the water was too much.

I was able to download the video from the camcorder that was recorded prior to this problem. When I turn on the camcorder all other functions seem to work except the record and playback. I formatted the hard drive and still no record. Also, after I try to record using the record button, the off switch will not turn off the camera, the hard drive seems to spin. When I turn it back to the on position it stops spinning. I have to remove the battery to shut it off. If I turn the camera on and then turn it off, it turns off fine.

I have the service manual with all the parts listed and cannot determine if one of the cards or wire strips went bad. I could buy the replacement part and repair myself.

Does anyone have any experience with troubleshooting this?

Thanks, Jeff
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  1. There is almost no way to know exactly what the issue is without a service tech going over the device in person and testing them.
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