How to remove the worde "cable box" display from my tv

One day last week I noticed in the far upper left corner of my tv-the words "cable box" are displayed there and no matter what I do, the 2 words never goes away. I tried to remove it with my different remote controls, but nothing works. It's annoying trying to watch a program and you see those words constantly!
I appreciate any advice you can give, I've never had this happen before and it seems pretty abnormal.


Sam Colombi
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  1. This is Tom's Site feedback forum which has nothing to do with addressing your specific question. Try contacting the Support department of the hardware in question by email or phone.
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  3. colosx1 - Does it do the same for any other input, say if you're watching a DVD, does the word DVD or show up in the same location?

    -Wolf sends
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