HP Pavilion dv7-2270us VS lenovo IdeaPad Y550P

I plan on getting a laptop in the sometime future. And i was wondering. What is your peoples opinion on these 2 laptops

HP Pavilion DV7-2270US
-Core 2 Quad Q9000 @ 2.0
-ATI 4650
-4GB of Ram
-500 GB HDD 7200 RPM
-17.3" Screen @ 1680 x 900


Lenovo IdeaPad Y550P
-Core i7 720QM @ 1.6
-Nvidia 240M
-4GB of Ram
-500 GB HDD 5400 RPM
-15.6" Screen @ 1366 x 768

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  1. What are you intending to use the laptop for? The Lenovo has a better CPU but it loses out in the GPU, HDD and Screen.
  2. General use mainly. I need a secondary computer to my gaming rig. I would like a laptop that could play games ... moderately well. I dont need anything extremely powerful. But i also dont wanna buy something that might be "Outdated" soon..

    And im aware that the lenovo has a better cpu, but not as good screen, hdd, or gpu.

    I was wondering. Would getting the lenovo, be a smarter choice. because its a faster processor. Will the processor compensate for the lack of a bigger screen, hdd, and gpu.

    Thats what im asking.

    Or should i just pay $100 more and get the HP.

    I'm leaning toward the HP
  3. If gaming is a concern, get the HP. The i7 probably won't be able to make up for what the GT 240 lacks in the gaming department. The 4650 certainly isn't a top of the line card, but it is better than the 240. IMO the screen, GPU and HDD are all worth the extra $100.
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