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i just recently made a purchase of a Dell poweredge 6800 (8 core, 16GB Ram, 2 1570W supplies, 5 73GB 15,000 RPM drives) and i got the power cord for it (PowerMac G5 dual,quad AC power cord,rectangle Power Mac the System powered on but i couldn't get into bios or anything just a blank screen. i tried plugging the VGA cable from the monitor into the different display ports still nothing happened. i also tried to see if the usb keyboard and mouse would turn on in the different ports. the mouse flashed for one second then turned off and the keyboard never turned on at all when i pressed down the number lock. Also i looked at the screen on the server and it said proc 1 something. i don't know what the problem is please help me out my graduation project is due in 4 months

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