Dry ice?

I have been wondering about an unexpensive cooling source for my computer. Do any of you think dry ice would allow my processor (and other things) to overclock from 900mhz to something like 2.4 ghz or something.

Would this actually work? The only things I'm worried about is if the vapors from the dry ice damaged my hardware, where to actually put it, and if it dissolved my processor would be overclocked to 2.4ghz with cooling meant for 900mhz.
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  1. CO2 is harmless in a ventilated room. But you could have a condensation problem with the humidity in the air.

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  2. Thanks for replying. I'm pretty sure the CO2 won't be a problem in the room I have the computer in. Could you tell me if the vapors would leak out of the case through the power supply fan and ventilation holes? and if the vapors would keep the hardware cold enough to actually safely overclock to extremely high speeds?
  3. despite using Dry ice or a Vapochill unit or anything else there is absolutley no way ull ever get a 900Mhz CPU (Whether it be Duron, Athlon, Athlon T-bird, Intel Celeron, Pentium III, Cyrix/Via Anything) to EVER get 2.4GHz......

    do u realize the increase in clock speed there ?? thats 1500MHz!!!!

    i mean...the fastest T-Bird core ever put out was the 1.4GHz......and typicaly the 900Mhz T-Bird couldnt OC anymore than 1100Mhz (1.1GHz) so....ur not even within grasps of the 1.4GHz the T-Bird had...let alone 2.4GHz.....

    Mayeb in space with temperatures of Absolute Zero it might be possible...but id think the CPU Core woudl just literally break/explode when powered on (if it was possible to do so) in those conditions....

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  4. CO2 is heavier than air. My guess is it will sink to the bottom of the case, and won't be exhausted until it's been warmed by incomming air. Obviously it will cool the surrounding air in the case, and increase density too.

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  5. Dry ice doesn't even sound so feasible, how would you use it to cool your processor? You could make some kind of heatsink with a container and put dry ice in the container, but then you'd have to keep filling it up all the time and the outer walls of the container would drip with condensation. In any event, dry ice is not so easy to get, and even harder to store.

    A 40% increase in processor speed is regarded as extreme overclocking. That's 900MHz -> 1,26GHz.

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  6. There is no cheap way to extreme cooling...the cheapest you can hope for is an air cooled TEC+heatsink.....swiftech makes a nice one....but again you have to take all proper steps to prevent condensation (which is very easy if you know what to do)....but you DO have to buy a special power supply for the peltier, which is expensive...dont go cheap with water cooling if you decide either because some of the cheaper ones actually perform worse than most heatsink/fan combos.

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  7. i was working on some biological samples in my work, and we kept them at around 8 Kelvin through a trickle of liquid Helium - and it could have been colder......I've always wondered if that could be linked to a CPU :) haha
  8. "CO2 is heavier than air"
    CO2 is denser than oxygen not heavier. You can have 1g of O2 and 1g of C02 and they will have the same mass/weight.
  9. Liquid N2 has been used to cool processors. Liquid Helium is horrendously expensive in comparison.

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  10. expensive yes, but currently i think it's the only way of getting a CPU to near enough zero Kelvin :)
  11. oh well, I didn't really expect it would work anyway just trying to find alternatives to buying an actual high speed. ah hell, might as well start gathering and saving my money.

    where do you guys buy your hardware from? and thanks for the responses.
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