I wanna upgrade my CPU

Hi guys!
I'm really a newbie when it comes to hardware.
I using a Dell Dimension 4300, with 1.7Ghz cpu
i know it is an intel 845 chipset with 478 pin socket
i just wanna upgrade to the best possible cpu for my system since i cannot overclock it.
i know 2.0ghz is possible but is any beyond it possible?
any advice?
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  1. it all depends on your motherboard. Read the manual - if dell had the "ahem" courtesy to give you one.......

    If you have one, it will tell you the max. clock speed your mobo can handle.
  2. If you download PCMark2002 or 3dmark2001 <A HREF="http:// www.futuremark.com " target="_new">http:// www.futuremark.com </A> it tells you what kind of motherboard you have. Along with CPU clock etc. Its also nice to know how fast your machine is and what potential upgrades will do for you.
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