Any good wireless headsets?

I used to use wired headsets, but I recently purchased good 35-40$ headset. After about two months later the casing came off and a couple days after that it got tangled in a chair leg and the circuit board broke in half. It wasn't like I crushed the board- it was connected right next to the USB connector and it didn't even pop out! Needless to say, I was not amused. What crap durability (it was Plantronic Audio 655). If anyone would give helpful advice on tactifully RMAing it (without going "I tangled it and it broke" to have them say "your an idiot and we won't refund/send a replacement").

Anyway, I searched these forums and elsewhere for wireless headsets and they all have bad reviews. Either sound goes in and out in the left ear, it has a very low wireless life (recharges poorly after a month), has low battery life, or just generally is really bad. I'm not looking for range, just something that won't get tangled up. Any suggestions? I am looking to spend under 100$.
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  1. I figured there wouldn't be any replies. All I looked for said either one thing was wrong or another. I guess technology hasn't improved that much for wireless headsets. I went with a SENNHEISER PC151. Sennheiser apparently sells good products, if they are durable I will continue with them. I will never buy Plantronics again.
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