M3 Tecra - cpu slow?

Hey all.

Got an older M3 tecra laptop and I always like to see how it would compare to others of the same type when I get something.. to see how its running.

This one freaked me out.. Ran Performance test (Passmark) I am at 1/2 the cpu performance of the same machine running a processor very close.

I have a 2.0gig Pent M and I compared baselines with a 1.83 and a 2.1

I was VERY VERY poor in CPU - other stuff.. I can live with.. as I know a lot of it has to do with the cpu.

Now my memory shows 4/4/4 timing cycles.. could this effect the cpu that much? I thought cpu marks more than others are supposed to be independent. Could the CPU be damaged but still run?

Any suggestions? can I upload the marks to show people? maybe a screen shot?

It is so low I think something is wrong - I locked the cpu at max in the bios.. but I notice the bios on this laptop does not give me much to play with.. I cant do anything with the memory timings.


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  1. Well laptops usually run hotter than desktops, so I'm assuming the heat has slowed your CPU down. Have you tried lifting the laptop off the tabletop (put something under on the sides) to allow more air to flow underneath as cooling?
  2. yes the M3 is a crazy hot laptop, and it was an issue.

    I followed a guide to under volt it.. and used a program called Right Mark CPU clock utility - works awsome!

    I guess the Toshiba APCI drivers - power controls had been messed up whatever.. but this took it over.. runs it great.. does not interfere, and I can adjust voltage to the cpu.. and have managed to lower it quite a bit so that it does not run near as hot. At full load I have reduced the temp over 15*


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