How does 230 dpi look in print

Is there much of a difference between 230 dpi and 300 dpi when the photos are printed?
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  1. There are several factors involved such that I cannot give you a direct answer. Some printers have a very tight pixel pitch so 230 dpi would be fine. Others have a wider space between them so 300dpi would be needed.

    The only way to know is to test print with each and select the lowest value that produces the print quality you want.
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    What size is the picture? For wallet size, someone might notice the quality issue due to how close to the eye you hold the picture, but for 8x10 few would notice looking at the picture at nearly arm's length which is the natural distance to hold a picture of this size. If they have a larger picture up to their nose, then the are missing the point of the picture.
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