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I opened up my Compaq Presario CQ61-320CA to fix an issue with the power connection. When I put it all back together the keyboard will not work in Windows (7 Ultimate). It works fine in the CMOS though. I've checked to make sure the data cable is attached to the mobo properly (a few times now). But it still won't work. Windows starts up fine, sound works, the cursor is flashing on the login bar... Also the touch pad is unresponsive and the USB ports won't register anything... All these connection have been triple checked as well..
Currently I've tried to just re-install windows thinking it was a driver issue somehow, but the keyboard won't work even on the CD booted windows installer. ....Help :(
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  1. The CMOS isn't Windows (obviously), but it will only give Windows what you tell it to.

    Check your CMOS settings, something changed. (Legacy kbd support, USB kbd support, USB mouse support, assign interrupt for USB)
  2. I have no options for hardware like I do on my desktop. The CMOS on the laptop only gives me a couple diagnostic tools, boot options and general system info. I tried the load factory default option but that did not help any.
  3. Hi Slanter,

    Have you contacted HP? I would recommend doing so if your not able to resolve this issue. If you need assistance in doing so please email me your product and contact information to Please include in the subject line Attn: Veronica-Tom's.
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