New Computer Build~ Peripherals don't work????

Just built new box.
Powered up to new mobo splash screen....
I can't move from there because my keybo and mouse have no power.
I've tried both USB and old school hook-ups with different keybos and mice.
Anyone have a solution?
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  1. Make sure your BIOS is set to allow USB keyboards and mice.
  2. thanks VIper.
    but I can't GET to the BIOS.
  3. Do you have a PS/2 keyboard that you can use temporarily for debugging purposes?
  4. Good point, ThomRob.

    Cjl, I think he said he tried old school hook ups, which I assume he meant PS/2, and they didn't work either.

    Thom, try resetting the CMOS. Take the battery out for a while and hit either the clear CMOS button or apply jumpers (whichever your motherboard will be in your manual). Then try again.
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