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Hi, im kind of new to this so i don't know much about cords.

i built a home theater pc running quad core and a GTX 460.

I want to connect it to my TV but i don't have a flat screen TV. The back of my T.V has Yellow, Red, and White.

Is there anything i can buy that's cheap so i can connect into it and watch movies there?

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  1. What you're looking for is a VGA to Composite adapter (something like this). If your graphic card does not have a VGA output, you'll also need a DVI to VGA adapter which should have been included with your card. (something like this). This will bring the video output of your graphics card to your TV.

    You'll also need a 3.5mm stereo to RCA Audio cable (something like this) to connect the audio from your computer's sound card to the TV.

    Hope this helps

    -Wolf sends
  2. you need to connect HDMI (from the computer) to audio video (3 RCA plugs) on the TV.
    you need an adapter, yes there is such a thing
    http://www.amazon.com /s/?ie=UTF8&keywords=hdmi+ to+rca+converter& tag=googhydr-20& index=electronics&hvadid=4657488197&ref=pd_sl_1afui5yww2_b
    take spaces out of above link
    anyhow there's all kinds of adapters available, and you need to check and see what type of output is on your computer...HDMI? DVI? and then order the appropriate adapter for RCA composite video / audio
  3. @ Wolfshadw

    i already hooked up my large sprakers (red/white cord) with the help of my friend to the PC's Sound Card i bought for it.

    i already have the DVI to VGA Adapter, so i guess i only need the VGA to Composite Adapter.

    Once i put it in, would the resolution on the T.V. be completely different than that of a Monitor? Is there a way to adjust it?

    btw, thank you for the extremely cheap cable. good for my low budget.
  4. some graphics cards have a special plug, and an included adaptor for the special plug.

    this adapter will have:
    component video
    composite video

    check to see if your graphics card came with the special plug.

    once you get the TV connected to the graphics card, you go into the graphics card software and it will allow you to adjust the resolution IF the TV says its okay.
    the graphics card and television will 'handshake' and the TV reports what resolution adjustments are available.
  5. Quote:
    Once i put it in, would the resolution on the T.V. be completely different than that of a Monitor?

    Yes. Computer monitor resolutions are generally much higher than that of an old style TVs.

    Is there a way to adjust it?

    No, there is no way to adjust it. Your graphics card needs to be able to support a resolution that your TV can handle.

    -Wolf sends
  6. @ Wolf

    I found the cable at Central Computers somewhat near from my house.

    It changes VGA to the Yellow End that goes to the Television Screen.

    Will give it a try tomorrow and see if it works well. Also will let you know :D.

    Thanks for all the help everyone!
  7. there will be a difference is resolution between your monitor and your tv, however, you can use the tv for video as you have suggested by setting the television up as monitor #2 under display properties and having your desktop extend to this monitor (without the start bar). anything you want to play on said monitor just drag over to the tv (display#2) and fullscreen it. not the most ideal solution but it will work.
  8. youtube videos of 360 or 480p will work just fine on the television.
    webcam videos also work on the television (wont be high definition though)

    but this allows you to have a video chat with the webcam video on the televion (full screen), and you can keep your desktop free to chat and browse the web (emails) or whatever.
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