Choppy video and sound

Hi there
just finished installing a fresh copy of windows 7 on a logical drive, but when I stress the system just a little bit, video and sound are choppy, especially in fruity loops.

could it be because I changed the logical system drive from an older hard drive to a new one?

Gigabyte k8n ultra 9
amd athalon 3000+
geforce 9500gt
creative sound blaster 5.1 vx
3gb of ram(2X1GB, 2X512MB)
seagate 500gb(currently hosts the system drive)
seagate 160gb

how do I fix the choppy audio and video? thanks :bounce:
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  1. Was this working fine before you did the new install? I see you have two different types of RAM, did it ever work fine with this configuration?
  2. yep, it was working fine, but the old setup was only with the two sticks of 512.
    for now it seems that even when I take out all the ram and get back to the old setup the video and sound are choppy too at times.
    do you suspect it has something to do with the additional ram?
  3. Well having seperate types of RAM can cause you problems, you have them inserted correctly with the corresponding types in each bank? i.e. 1gb 512mb 1gb 512mb
  4. Try with 1 stick only and see how it goes. And check the nvidia drivers. Dotn use latest nvidia drievrs for a 9500! I remember I had my 9800gt with 1xx.xx drivers or something -.-
  5. @chagot this specific motherboard doesn't work that way(1gb 512mb ...) but rather in cluster type 1gb 1gb 512mb 512mb
    @centaurius I did try with one stick, same thing here, choppy
    how the video driver has anything to do with the choppy sound?because if it has, i will download older drivers.
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