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I am trying to decide on the components for a new system...(like 1/2 the other people posting on this site :) ). I am trying to decide between two CPU's (like 1/2 the other people posting on this site :) ). I am torn between the AMD XP 2600+ 333FSB (I guess this FSB), and the Intel P4 2.53. With these two I am looking at two Asus motherboards. The P4PE/R/GBL/F/SATA, and the A7N8X Deluxe. I plan to use PC2700 DDR333 RAM (probably Corsair) in both. Looking at 512MB, or 1024MB (if I can swing it).

OK so here is the question. I was reading the other day (don't remember where) that the XP CPU's were better suited for systems using DDR technology, and P4's were better suited for systems using RDR technology. I know it had something to do with the XP doing something twice for every clock cycle, but not sure what, and not sure what effect it (whatever it was) would have on the system. Could someone please give some insight to this, or point me in the right direction for research.

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  1. The Athlon is slightly faster in most bechmarks between the two choices you gave (unless you are into internet content creation.) For games, surfing the Net, using office apps, and general multimedia, the Athlon is a little bit faster. It's also a little more expensive, so you'll have to decide if a 3-5% performance boost is worth an extra $30-$40.

    I have to say, though, that in reality, if you had the two systems side-by-side with the same graphics card and hard drives, you wouldn't be able to notice the difference between the two. I know that sounds like a cop-out, but in almost all the benchmarks the two chips are separated by 2-5% in measurable performance. In some of the tests the P4 is faster, and in some of the tests the Athlon is faster. So you really can't go wrong.

    One very real advantage the AMD board you mentioned has is the nForce APU (Audio Processing Unit.) The onboard sound on the nForce2 motherboard (Soundstorm)is exceptional. Unless you want to spend $100 or more for a higher-end graphics card, the onboard audio for the AMD can actually make the AMD system $50-$60 cheaper overall.

    As far as the DDR / RDRAM question, both motherboards utilize DDR very well, whereas the AMD cannot use RDRAM. For quite awhile, RDRAM was the best option for P4, but DDR has since evened the score between the two.

    Even if you want to overclock, I think they both will overclock about the same.

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  2. Don't forget that the Athlon you are choosing will get an additional boost to performance if you use the Dual channel DDR.
  3. I havnt heard a lot of good stuff about the P4PE. I cant say for other motherboards. So comparing the Athlon and the P4 with those particlear motherboards you chose the Athlon will have the performance advantage by a descent amount. Plus the Athlon setup should be MUCH cheaper.

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  4. Yes either way you go, you cannot go wrong..If I was buying a system RIGHT now I would go with a nforce2 setup....BUT if you were to wait for a month or so I would go with a dual ddr sis655 P4 setup or a 800fsb p4 on a new springdale chipset mobo....just depends on how long you want to wait....I will have to say that I would go with the Abit IT7 Max2 rev2 over the asus p4pe anyday..

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  5. Athlon dont do a single instruction more it just that instruction lantecy is lesser that P4 core.

    That a fast systemes personal i will go with Intel setup in april as there a price cut coming in a few week (april)

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  6. Frankly, looking at your prospects list, this strikes me as a financial decision. Work out the prices for the various combinations and go with the money.

    Most motherboards are within a very small percentage of equal performance these days. Video cards, ditto. CPUs can be matched by performance. The only real difference anymore is cost.

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  7. I was having a datatech mobo on my older computer.Now a ASUS i will never get back to cheap mobo

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  8. As others have said, there is no major performance differences between the two processors. The difference comes in with the motherboard's chipset. The NForce two will run Dual channel DDR where as if you want an Intel board with dual channel DDR you are looking at a lot more money.

    I would go with the Athlon set up right now.

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