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Lightning just struck a tree near the pole my ISP uses to run coax. My modem has no power, a desktop switch has power but doesnt work otherwise, the wireless router does have power but will not work otherwise, my samsung smart tv wont turn on, and my desktop wont power on either. All these components are wired to LAN.

Everything was on a surge protector except the coax from outside, yet the technicians (all 5 of them with three trucks) said the problem was a filter in place to ensure we dont receive cable television.

What is my best course of action? My electronics would still be working had I not been a customer of my ISP.
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  1. I am sorry for the damage you have undergone.

    In my opinion, the surge protector can also be guilty. It seems the surge protector did not trigger and cut power to the equipment connected to it. Otherwise, you would not have power to any of the components that are plugged into it. But you have power to a desktop switch. You have power to the wireless router. Surge protectors at the scene of a lightning have circuitry to cut power to the equipment connected to them. Unless reset, no equipment should work. Anyway, this is how my surge protector works.

    You should also note that many surge protectors act like a power distribution plug and do everything but surge protection. Or do you mean power cables are far too away from the lightning area and are never affected by it ? You should not be too sure.

    After all, you (or someone) must determine whether it is the surge protector or the coax cable that is guilty. After that, you may determine what position to take against the guilty party.

    Hope this helps.
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