Dell Inspiron 8600 Startup Problems

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Hey all~

I am no computer whiz. I mostly tinker around. I have been trying to
find a solution to a problem, and I may have, but on the same token, I
am now "waiting for the other shoe to drop" so to speak. I ordered my
new laptop (Dell Inspiron 8600, Pentium M, 512 M Ram, 80 GB Hard
Drive, XP Home, the works...), and three days after I had it (running
programs such as Norton Systemworks 2004, System Mechanic 4, Zone
Alarm Pro 4, Ad-Aware 6, Never Winter Nights, Quicken 2003, Kazaa Lite
(the only one that I am suspicious of, yet it works fine on my old
computer), Acrobat Reader 6, and the like, it decided it didn't want
to start up on me anymore. It would go to the Dell screen on startup,
then to a blank screen with nothing but a blinking cursor in the top
left hand corner. I would be able to get it to start up in any mode
except normal. I tried everything but formatting the hard drive seeing
as how I am of the philosophy that if I have to wipe the hard drive
within the first few days, it's probably a computer that I don't
want... so I called Dell, and they replaced it for me with a brand new
one. This one is the exact same... even the program (although
Neverwinter is not yet installed)... I have had it for about a month,
and now it is doing the same thing. I was able to run all sorts of
scans with the various programs listed earlier, and finally got it to
start up again, but I am waiting for the whole debacle to start over
at any point in time. Has anyone else had this problem or know any
solutions??? I love the computer, and I have had too many friends who
have had so many problems with Compaq, Gateway, and Hewlett Packard...
Dell is my only real option (not to mention my last two computers were
Dells and they worked GREAT). PLEASE HELP!
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  1. Hello,

    I too am having the same issue. I was wondering how you were able to fix your bootup problem? Thanks.
  2. I hope Matt is still around to answer you, but you do realize that you posted to a thread that the OP started almost 4 years ago?
    I'll take a stab at your problem... if your 8600 has been running fine for the last 3+ years and all of a sudden started having an issue with bootup? I would test the hard drive as it sounds like it may have an issue. I'm not sure if the 8600 has it or not but many Dells have a built in HDD test in the bios. At boot up on the dell spash screen, hit ctrl+alt+D and it may launch the dell HDD test. Or make a Dell diagnostics boot CD (download off the dell site) and test the hard drive and the rest of the computer that way.
  3. You could also run the diagnostic/repair software from the hdd mfg's website. If it's not the hdd, check the PSU
  4. I know this post has been not active in a while. But in case anyone does check this post, or does need help regarding this, maybe this will help you. I had my inspiron for 5 years now, and today was the second hard drive I have lost in the same fashion as described above. But here is the kicker. Since day one (in my opinion with out testing) the wireless card was making a high pitched noise when nothing was plugged into any USB ports. Also early on the computer would loose the wireless card, as if it was not even installed. Then in one week I have lost two hard drives... One external which was plugged into the laptop at the time of failure, and the second one being the internal. Also I have stopped closing the screen since about 50% of the time after closing the screen next time I would start the computer up the screen would never turn on. Today I have lost the 2nd internal harddrive. I have unplugged the hard drive from the computer and rebuted the computer using Knopix CD OS, and it worked fine. In my opinion the Dell Inspirion 8600 has some internal electrical problems which tend to short the monitors out, or burn the harddrives out.
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