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ok first of all I will get out of the way the fact that I can not get a webcam, I am in a small isolated town in Italy and the only technology store sold out their webcams and have not replenish them in weeks...and my last order from amazon should have arrived like a week ago, so ordering one is not an easy option either, nor car to go around looking for, etc...

so, I have a wonderful Sony RX100 that seems pretty useless once I connect it to my PC.

Is there a way to make the camera send a low res video directly to my pc? I know it can not send full HD vid over a USB 2.0 port in real time, but at least a 1 Megapixel image should be no problem.

or maybe use the mini HDMI? can i use my graphics card as an input for the video signal from my camera?

some help and brainstorming would be appreciated.
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  1. I add the link from sony eSupport-how to use a digital still camera as a webcam, but some of them may not work. Just try it.
  2. It appears HDMI output is not recordable because the technology has copyright protection.

    and that is the only video output on my camera.

    my only hope is to find some way to make it work via USB... but it seems grim
  3. Hello community,

    Many modern video cards have an HDMI output. This is the easiest way by far to connect a computer to a TV. If you have used a desktop computer or have a dual-monitor setup, you have likely seen the "No-input Signal" error message on your computer monitor. Here are some tips how to input a video from camera.

    1. Connect the monitor to another computer if possible to eliminate the monitor as the faulty hardware.
    2. Shut down the computer. Remove all cables and devices plugged into the computer. Make a note of the port into which your monitor is plugged.
    3. Remove the left side panel when facing the front of the case. Unscrew screws or manipulate latches to remove the side panel. This process varies according to the type of case you have. Please consult your manual if you are unsure of how to remove the side panel.
    4. Attach the antistatic wrist bracelet's clip to a metal object, then strap on the bracelet.
    5. Locate your video card. Remove the slot cover screw that secures the card into the slot.
    6. Remove any power cables that connect the video card to the power supply.
    7. Pull the card out of the slot. Examine the gold pins to check for any damage. Reset the card if it physically appears to be undamaged. You should hear a click once the card is secure in the slot.
    8. Screw in the slot cover screw. Attach the power cable from the power supply unit, if applicable.
    9. Leave the case open for now. Reconnect only the monitor, power cable and any devices required to boot the computer, then restart the computer.
    10. Shut down the computer again if you receive the "No-input Signal" error message again. Remove any cables and devices you plugged in to restart the machine.
    11. Remove the video card with a spare or replacement by following the instructions above.
    12. Connect necessary cables and devices to reboot the computer, then restart it.
    13. Shut down the computer and remove cables and devices if the display still won't work.
    14. Unplug the power supplies cables from all devices on the motherboard. Make a note of each plug-in so that you can correctly connect all devices with the new power supply.
    15. Remove the screws that mount the power supply. Fit the new power supply into the mounting area, and screw in all screws.
    16. Attach all required power cables to device connected to the motherboard.
    17. Attach the cables and devices required to start the computer.
  4. I think you might have posted in the wrong place or you reposted the wrong answer.

    My monitor signal is fine, I need to input video using a HDMI or USB cables FROM my camera TO my pc, not FROM my pc TO my monitor.
  5. Chances are, no.
    What you are trying to do I shoot tethered.
    To shoot tethered you need special programs (like Lightroom 4) and you need camera support. Right now LR4 has only DSLR support for tethered shooting.
    But I think you might be talking about something like this
    which I do not think is possible with your camera. But if you read the manual, it will say.
  6. i can conect the camera to a HDMI screen to see how a video looks while it is recording, but i cannot record that video :S

    i will check Lightroom 4 and see what it says, maybe that will be the way to go.

    thanks for the info.
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