If you format an sd card do you delete photos on card

HI I have put my sd card into my laptop to dowload my photos ad aesage cms tht I av to format the card before I can use it will this mean thatthe hotos will be deleated if I format it. Thank you.
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  1. If you format it, you will lose the files. Keep the card in the camera and hook up the camera using the USB cable, and transfer the photos that way.
  2. If you re-format the memory card you will lose all information on that card. Use a USB to connect the camera to your computer. Also you usually do not have to do this, I've been threw 5 SD cards, 4 different brands, none of them required me to re-format before connecting to the computer. Just close the messages (do not tell it to format), then go Windows Explorer -> my computer ->*click on the SD card* for PC
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