Problem with a7v8x

Recently my friend purchased the A7v8x (Lan and raid) and decided to get a new cpu cooler. His choice was the Volcano 9. At the time he was running as follows:
Athlon 266 1.4
Unknown 350Watt power supply
WD 100 gig 7200RPM on the promise RAID controller
Mitsumi 1.44 floppy drive
HP 8x cd-r --------- on the primary IDE controller
Acer 16X DVD Rom ---
512megs of Crucial PC2700 in one stick
PNY GeForce4 MX 240
Sound Blaster Live X-Gamer
2 PC mods cold cathodes

The problem he ran into was that he... ahem... accidentially applied the new volcano to the processor with the protective paper still covering the adhesive on the Volcano.... and before post on the next boot he noticed a sweet burning smell and yanked the power. Ever since his board will not make it past the first beep of post before shutting itself off. We replaced the old processor with a new XP2000 and have the same problem. My first impression is that the origional processor burning up may have damaged the thermometer on the board and causes the C.O.P. to automatically shut off the entire system before POST. We're really perturbed by this one so any ideas on what may be causing this or what we can do about it would be appreciated. If it is the thermometer on the board it should be as easy as cutting a trace.
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  1. Whew.

    I dunno about cutting a trace. Depends on how the mainboard interprets an open.

    Other than that, the only thing is one of the actual PCB leads away from the pins could have been oxidized enough to cause a bad signal or no signal. Also, the power supply regulator on the mainboard could have been overloaded.

    Other than swapping out a mainboard, I see no quick and easy diagnostic. Depending on where you got it, and when, you can probably rma it.

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  2. The A7V8X has a promise raid controller on-board?? hmm thats interesting....

    ok right now with the 2000+ in there...when u hit the power buttom what happens ?? it powers up for a few seconds but DOESNT post than just shuts off ??? If thats the case than my guess is that the CPU Fan RPM Wire (Yellow Wire) is not plugegd into where it says CPU FAN on a fan header on the motherboard.....check it out...ALSO......reset the bios......Via the Bios/CMOS Jumper Clear....for more information on how to do so look in the Booklet that was in the Motherboard box and look for CMOS Clear Jumper......

    hope that helps...

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