What netbook graphics card will be better, the HD3200 or the ION 2?

I'm on the fence with getting a high powered ultra portable laptop (or if you prefer netbook) I would say i have a few options in terms of chipsets, I could either get the ION2 chipset with whatever CPU comes with it, or i could get the AMD Congo with the HD3200. My main goal is for the ultra portable to be able to run TF2 and CSS. But i have no clue which chipset will have more power. The HD3200, or the ION 2.

Thanks :D
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  1. The original ION was based on the GeForce 9400M which was a better integrated solution than the HD 3200. The new ION 2 looks like it will be based on the GeForce 210M which is ranked higher than either of the other two, but it will probably be underclocked for better cooling. With that being said, I would think the ION 2 would perform slightly better than the current ION solution and be the better choice.
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