Which is faster 1 5Gb/s or 480 mbits/sec

Which is faster 1 5Gb/s or 480 mbits/sec I assume the former. I am buying new USB hard drive & one says it is a 1.5Gb/s SATA HDD the other says transfer rate of 480 mbits/sec.
I would think that the fact that they are both Hard drives in a USB enclosure it would be the tranfer rate of USB 2 would limit transfer rate am I correct?
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  1. 480Mb/s is the transfer speed of USB 2.0, while 1.5Gb/s is first generation SATA. If they both use a USB connection, they'll both be limited to the slower of the two (480Mbit), so there won't be a significant difference.
  2. Thanks for that I appeciate your responce
    all the best
    Stewart :hello:
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